Rocky Mountain National Park

Nature, Wildlife

On our trip to snowy Colorado last May, my college roommate and I had dreams of climbing a 14er.  After seeing all the snow, we decided that a climb to 14,000 feet elevation may be unrealistic.  Maybe 13,000?  11,000?


View from Twin Sisters trail. From left to right: Mount Meeker (13,911 feet), Long’s Peak (14,255 feet), Estes Cone (11,002 feet).

After hiking over feet of packed snow to Mills Lake, we ruled out many of the peaks that we had hoped to conquer.  We heard that the Twin Sisters peak hike, at 11,428 feet, was snow free.  While it looked like perfect ground for a bear or mountain lion, the hike was free of snow.  One thing it was not free of was…a landslide.


At another impasse, we took some advice from a local to attempt Estes Cone at 11,002 feet.  Success.


During our hiking adventures, we enjoyed views of elk and some smaller creatures – tiny chipmunks and a caterpillar that a young girl had named “Shadow Ninja.”



I’ll end with a picture of me and my travel buddy back at Mills Lake.  Thanks, Wendy, such an adventure.




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