Capture Real Life – What’s In My Bag?


My next challenge from the Capture Real Life class is “What’s in My Bag?”  I’ve honestly been stewing over this one for a while since I don’t consider myself to be one with lots of cute stuff, and I rarely carry a purse.  I usually just have an unorganized bag of lesson plans and ungraded papers on my shoulder.


That’s changed over the last couple weeks though…it’s now a backpack of unorganized track schedules and academic team score sheets.  We’re in the middle of tournament season for both activities, which is making for long days.  But, the relationships you form with your students during all this fun is priceless. It makes my job in the classroom so much easier when my kids know I’m not just a robot that does math.




This month is so busy that I’d lose my head without that planner.  Yesterday, my 8th grade academic team placed 2nd in the state.  I’m so proud of their consistency and dedication, playing 8 games in 6 hours to seal their place.  At only 14 years old, they amaze me with how smart they are every day.  Now that the season is a week away from over, maybe I’ll get around to updating our binder cover with the correct year.


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One thought on “Capture Real Life – What’s In My Bag?

  1. Love the medals! And those orange sunglasses make me smile, as you are so cute in them!! Love you Coach Taylor:)
    your mom


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