Work Week Recap – May 11


Part of photography is being aware of moments in your everyday life.  That’s why I love Instagram – because it provides a platform and a motivation to capture those moments.  Since I have some different followers on the blog and on Instagram, I’ve decided to start posts recapping weeks of my iPhone photography.  While these photos will have a mixed up with a variety of themes, they make me smile remembering unique moments throughout my days!

2015 5:11 Recap

From top left:  (1) The power out at school turns math class into a shadow puppet battle of dinos v. dogs.  (2) Weekly Bible study with a wonderfully random group of girls from all different churches.  (3) Summer project of learning Lightroom and Photoshop begins while sipping from my Camp Glisson mug.  (4) Grading Algebra 1 Linear Functions projects.  (5) Geometry students finishing up their origami projects with cubes and icosahedrons.


(c) Website and all images copyright Kaitlin Taylor 2015


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