Capture Real Life – Pieces of Me


In the Pieces of Me challenge, I was encouraged to find the little things that make me “me.”  Lots of things came to mind…my collection of Chacos.  My collection of cheap/free sunglasses.  My “pantry” that is really a small cabinet stuffed with spices and baking supplies.  My Hogwarts coffee mug.  While each of these is an object that I love, they each have a bigger meaning.

My Chacos represent the years that I spent at Camp Glisson as a camper and a counselor.  And the freedom to go wherever at a moment’s notice – on a walk in the park, in the river, up a mountain (while I get scolded for hiking in these sandals because they don’t protect my toes).  My sunglasses represent my love of color and having fun – bright orange sunglasses always make me smile.  My pantry represents my love of cooking and baking.  I am always trying new recipes, and I love the fact that I have almost everything I need to bake a cake or cook Chinese without a long trip to the grocery.  And my Hogwarts mug, just because I love Harry Potter.  Maybe it’s the unpredictability and adventure of his life that I admire.  While all of these things kind of make me sound adventurous, I’m definitely a scheduler.  A to-do list maker.  I think that’s why I love these things so much, because they remind me to relax and enjoy the positive, little things in life.

Instead of these things, I chose to photograph another piece of my personality.  My husband told me the other day that I was a life-long learner.  I would be okay being a professional student, constantly taking in new things.  So, when March hits each year, I get the itch to make a summer to-do list.  As a teacher, I need to relax during my summer off, but I always get nervous that I’ll let the time slip away.  This summer’s big goal is photography…

Practicing exposure in different situations.


And learning Lightroom and Photoshop.


And simply picking up my camera, shooting, and enjoying it.



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2 thoughts on “Capture Real Life – Pieces of Me

    1. Beth from has it and I loved it! I just googled “floral camera straps” on Amazon and found it. Got it thanks to husband for my 2nd anniversary present – denim is a kind of cotton, right?


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