2/365: Show Your Face

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I set up to take this picture, and my only goal was to experiment with the contrast of the light in my living room at four in the afternoon. Then, as I was editing, I was struck by something deeper. One half of my face is well lit, every uneven spot showing. The other half is hidden for no one to see.

This week, a national morning show is having daily segments on cosmetic plastic surgery. Experts have described new procedures and the pros and cons of many surgeries. They have outlined the preventative procedures you should have done in each decade, starting as early as your twenties. Avoid this line here, that wrinkle there.

But isn’t there something to be said for those lines? When will it be okay to look your age? Here’s to a woman who wants to show their whole face, no matter the age.

08 KatieContrast



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