4/365: Project365

Personal, Project 365

I started this blog almost one year ago with the goal of putting myself out there and improving my photography.  Over that year, I’ve had zillions of ideas go through my head – get more creative, improve this skill or that skill, start a business.  All could definitely still be in my future, but after watching Jasmine Star’s 5 Effective Blogging Tips to Grow Your Business, I realized I need more specific goals, one focus.

I’m currently having so much fun exploring my world and finding ways to document it.  What better time to dive in to a Project365?  A picture a day, documented through my blog.  For the next year, that is what this blog will be.  I plan to use my DSLR for most pictures, but with juggling teaching and coaching, I want to be realistic.  In order to complete this project, there may be some days of iPhone photos, too.  I know it won’t always be easy, but I know it will have lots of days of fun.

“Nobody looks stupid when they are having fun.” – Amy Poehler



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