43/365: Walkaround

Personal, Project 365

Remember how Oklahoma State boasts the world’s biggest homecoming?  I believe it.  On Friday night before the game, teams of fraternities and sororities reveal their house decorations.  These take months to plan, weeks to weld, and hours to pomp.  You can feel the excitement of homecoming arriving as the guys spend weeks welding massive structures in the front yards of their fraternity houses.  This excitement continues through All-Night Pomp where the girls spend all of Thursday night bringing life to the structure.  The million tiny pieces of tissue “pomp” create a design that honors the history of Oklahoma State University.



The size of the town doubles on Friday night when almost 100,000 people walk the Greek blocks to see the decorations.  Sometimes pictures don’t do it justice, but here’s one that does.  The decorations are so massive – where is this fraternity house?


While the “house decs” honor OSU history, they also generate lots of spirit for the coming football game.



The decs have lots of moving parts, too.  This one had a Cowboy and a Jayhawk literally clashing and ramming into each other!


One thing that I love about the decorations is that they not only honor football, but they recognize all sports and many activities that Oklahoma State offers.  This next house dec even had a little runner on it!


Even though I’m not an alumni of Oklahoma State, this year’s walk around was special.  My dad came to town and was in awe of the small town college excitement here.  He just needed to learn one thing…Pistols Firing!  Go Pokes!



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