Welcome Haynes Chance: A Birth Story

Children and Families

While in grad school, we have made some wonderful friends.  The guys all share stories of fishing and football, and we support each other since we’re all away from home.  One of these couples, Karli and Chance, are always welcoming the group into their home.  We were so excited when they announced that they were expecting – a baby boy to bring into their home along with their two pups – a German Wirehaired Pointer and a Puggle.


Karli may be the most relaxed pregnant woman I’ve ever seen.  I’m sure she had plenty of worries like any new mom would, but these were often covered by conversation of hoping she didn’t go into labor early – Chance was defending his Masters thesis just four days before her due date.  After a successful defense on Friday and a party to celebrate on Friday night, Karli was exhausted and ready for baby to be here.  Even so, she really seemed to think they’d be inducing on her due date, Tuesday.


On Saturday night, I got a text message saying Karli was going to the hospital and I was welcome to join to document the event.  Karli tried to rest between the contractions, which had started at two that afternoon.  Her mom and Chance’s parents had come into town for the defense and to meet the baby.  Everyone waited eagerly through the night while watching the west coast football games and keeping family updated.  Chance was a strong, constant presence for Karli through her long labor.  On the left, he’s just learned that his boy has a head full of blonde hair to match his.  On the right, five hours later, he is getting to see his firstborn’s face for the first time.


Welcome to the world, Haynes Chance – November 15, 2015 at 9:36 AM.





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