Meet Kaitlin

Three weeks after getting married, my husband and I packed up a U-haul and drove west.  We settled in Oklahoma, and he began studying for his PhD in fisheries biology.  I began lesson planning and decorating my classroom to prepare for the 150 fourteen-year olds who were about to walk in the door.  In the midst of starting new jobs, this move also quickly molded us into our family.


Photography was a hobby we both enjoyed in Georgia, but the new landscape of Oklahoma inspired me.  New animals, new plants, new sky – a big sky.  There was a whole new world to discover in Oklahoma, from the social communities of the prairie dogs to the bison roaming on the reclaimed prairie.  And within a day trip, there were too many new species of cacti to count.

Thanks to some new friends and our families, I had opportunities to photograph life as well.  All of the events building the anticipation of Christmas morning.  Two people joining in marriage, which I now appreciate so much more.  Family walks around the lake.

Documenting these moments help me to remember why life is so wonderful – to appreciate all the diverse beauty that the Lord has made and to love the laughs and crazy faces that my friends and I make for the camera.  So, I hope you enjoy this journey.  One day, when I’m eighty-three, sit down with a cup of coffee, and I’ll look back on these captured moments and smile.


(c) Website and all images copyright Kaitlin Taylor 2014


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