Chandler – 2 Year

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How time flies – Chandler is turning two!  I so enjoyed seeing this little one on our quick shoot to beat a thunderstorm.  She is saying so many words and even some full sentences.  Chandler was game to run from spot to spot the Botanical Gardens and she was giving us directions to walk and stop!

Hope you enjoyed your 2nd birthday with Elmo!

Chandler, It’s been a joy to see you grow up and interact with your mama and daddy with more words, giggles, and energy.  Happy Birthday!


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Colorado Round 2

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I started this blog a couple of years ago with pictures from my first trip to Colorado.  This past summer, I got to show my husband around on his first trip to this beautiful state.  Here are some of my favorite shots from our trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, Red Rocks Amphitheater, and Garden of the Gods.



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Western Reigning


When I was at the University of Georgia, I knew lots of girls on the equestrian team.  I knew we had one of the best teams in the country, but I never made it out to cheer them on.  Now that we live out-of-state, we have to go cheer on the Dawgs whenever they’re in town (even though we love the Pokes, too!).  The UGA Equestrian team came to Stillwater in November.  Thankfully I have friends that know a few things about this sport, so they tagged along to help me out!  Western reigning is my favorite of the disciplines.  Oklahoma State ended up winning the meet after a tie breaker.  I love that the horse is mid-slide in this shot, and the red brimming of Georgia’s hats really stands out!



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