Grandmama and Granddaddy


Words cannot express the love I have for these two.  My Grandmama and Granddaddy have been there for everything.  I am a teacher because of her.  I know how to save money thanks to him.  She taught me how to serve your family through cooking and serving (even though I just found out she doesn’t actually like to cook!).  He taught me to enjoy the slow moments in life.  She says “Oh my gracious!” when she’s shocked, and I hear a big, hearty “Hey, Shug!” when he answers the phone.  After 62 years of marriage, they still laugh at each other daily.  Laughter is what created this simple shot on their back porch.  Love you, Grandmama and Granddaddy.



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Nervous Murray

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We opened the windows one day to get some fabulous light on my sister’s dog, Murray.  The only problem was that Dad was outside working in the yard.  And then Murray got nervous – I don’t think he likes his daddy using all of those power tools.  At least his nervousness kept him attentive during our quick photo shoot!




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Family Beach Trip


Our extended family has started such a fun tradition of traveling together.  A couple summers ago, we had 18 rent out a house at the beach.  This year, the sisters and cousins traveled to the beach together.




Harper was excited to take some of her own pictures and to go on a nighttime search for ghost crabs.



Love you girls, and can’t wait until the next trip!



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