Meet Carlton the Pup!

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Meet the new(ish) addition to our family, Carlton!  We adopted him over the summer.  Carlton is a miniature dachshund, miniature pinscher mix.  He acts like a dachshund about two hours a day and a pinscher the rest of the time.  He can be pretty protective, but he loves blankets.  He currently has three out and has a coat on in case the ice storm hits!


Carlton is always ready for gameday…Go Dawgs!



…But he is not a fan of the cold!  We call him Carlock Holmes in this coat.


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Nervous Murray

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We opened the windows one day to get some fabulous light on my sister’s dog, Murray.  The only problem was that Dad was outside working in the yard.  And then Murray got nervous – I don’t think he likes his daddy using all of those power tools.  At least his nervousness kept him attentive during our quick photo shoot!




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17/365: Scout

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Well, we survived the first week of school.  The blog took a pause for a few days while we tried to keep up with homework and sleep, but we did take a break everyday to play with our friends’ pups, Scout and Beatrice!  This is Scout, a hunting dog full of energy.  While she follows commands very well, she just gets so excited to play that she can’t stop squirming!



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