12/365: Crockett the Meerkat

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Crockett came over again this weekend.  When Crockett gets excited or is begging for food, he acts like a meerkat.  No barks or whines, just standing like a meerkat.  He can easily stand up this straight for two or three minutes.  And yes, he did get a treat for all of his hard work!



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5/365: Crockett

Pets, Project 365

It’s no secret among my friends that I really want a dog.  These same friends let me have doggie dates with their pups.  My husband is hopefully okay with the visitors at our house – even though I talk about the pups’ adventures a lot, the doggie dates probably do delay our getting a dog.  After sitting in the windowsill and watching the traffic, Crockett and I went out for a bit.  It was the hottest day yet this summer, so Crockett needed to cool down on the kitchen floor.



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Buddy and Old Friends

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Thanks to a busy coaching season, I’m finally putting up the last post from our Spring Break trip to Texas.  We explored new fishing spots (complete with new fish), toured the Alamo, and most importantly, we got to catch up with old friends.  When you move away from home, there’s nothing like spending time with those people who you’ve known for years, through college, marriages, and moves.  Thanks, Matt and Meg, for a great trip…and for introducing us to your hilarious cat, Buddy.



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