Yeager Family

Children and Families

The Yeagers are such a fun family.  I know Susan through work, but got to meet her husband, Aaron, and son, Graham, at our photoshoot.  Graham is such a happy baby, and Aaron kept him laughing.



I can’t get over Graham’s bright red hair and bright blue eyes!  Thanks for letting me hang out with your family, Susan!




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Children and Families

On my first day of work in Oklahoma, I met a group of about six ladies. We were all within a couple years of each other, and we all had a list of 17 things we needed to be doing to get ready for the new school year.  Instead of rushing away to our classrooms, we got to know each other. One of these girls was Andrea.  We had a lot in common, including that we both went to SEC schools, had moved recently from the Southeast, and had husbands pursuing their PhD degrees.  Our classrooms ended up being across the hall from each other, and I now consider her one of my best friends.

About a year ago now, Andrea and Alex invited us to frisbee golf.  As soon as we got out of the car, they told us they were expecting!  I screamed in excitement (Sorry, everyone in the parking lot!).  Baby Gray Wilson is now here, and we got out on one of the warmer days for a few family pictures!





The grandmas came into town for the holidays, so Gray got to enjoy some time with them as well!




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Chandler and Family – One Year

Children and Families

On one of the few sunny days we’ve had lately, I met up with Ashley and Jonathan to commemorate Chandler’s first birthday!  We enjoyed an evening in the Oklahoma State Botanic Garden, and I loved getting Ashley and Jonathan behind the camera with their little girl.  Their love for each other is so apparent through the smiles and laughs shared on our walk through the garden.



Chandler was so curious about the flowers, and she couldn’t stop giggling when Jonathan picked one for her.

Family Steps

Ashley came prepared with props to keep Chandler smiling – she has a Santa coffee mug that Chandler loves.  I could just hold it up, say “Santa,” and Chandler got a big grin.  What a funny thing to make Chandler happy!




Happy first birthday, Chandler!  And thanks for letting me share smiles with you and your little one, Ashley and Jonathan!


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