Chandler – 2 Year

Children and Families

How time flies – Chandler is turning two!  I so enjoyed seeing this little one on our quick shoot to beat a thunderstorm.  She is saying so many words and even some full sentences.  Chandler was game to run from spot to spot the Botanical Gardens and she was giving us directions to walk and stop!

Hope you enjoyed your 2nd birthday with Elmo!

Chandler, It’s been a joy to see you grow up and interact with your mama and daddy with more words, giggles, and energy.  Happy Birthday!


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Chandler and Family – 18 Months

Children and Families

With the rush of getting ready for the holidays, I am just now posting the family shoots that I have done over the last few months.  Maybe that’s better since some of these pictures ended up on Christmas cards!


Little Chandler is growing up…we ended up playing and running around for almost our entire evening.  I’ve loved seeing Chandler grow up through our photoshoots.  She has so much curiosity and was amazed by things we adults often overlook, like falling leaves.





(c) Website and all images copyright Kaitlin Taylor 2017